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03/27/11 11:41 AM #1    


Wayde Fargotstein

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08/05/12 11:51 AM #2    


Karen Baseman (Rosenzweig)

What a nice reunion!  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make such special evening.


Karen (Baseman) Rosenzweig

08/05/12 02:09 PM #3    


Betty Ruth Shear (Shear)

Absolutely Fabulous reunion - great to see everyone!  

Thanks to the committee for all their hard work and commitment in putting the reunion together so wonderfully!!


08/06/12 08:11 AM #4    

Holly Wolynn

That was such a terrific event.  My thanks to the planning committee!!!


                                                           Holly Wolynn

08/06/12 05:26 PM #5    


Lauren Lazar (Stern)

So what was your favorite part of the reunion weekend?  Let's all continue the conversation...

08/06/12 10:09 PM #6    


Joe Blattner

my favorite part was getting to see classmates from so far away who I'd never see again otherwise. I loved it.


BTW - I have one carton, prolly about 18 mugs. so if you want one more, let me know. I'm not packing and shipping, lol. We'll have to figure out how to connect up. Whatever's left over, I'll prolly give to the TAHS store and they can re-sell them.


08/07/12 10:22 AM #7    


Myrna Velgich (Schwarz)

A big thanks to the committee and volunteers for pulling the weekend together and everything before and after. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated. I had such a great time seeing everyone! It was so much fun.

08/07/12 11:55 PM #8    


Mark Selekman

Bravo to the reunion committee! Probably enjoyed myself more at this reunion than the last.

08/07/12 11:59 PM #9    


Karen Newman (Stein)

A big cheer to the planning committee. Having a full weekend of events was great. I had a blast - didn't want the weekend to end.

Now I can't wait until the next one.

Karen Newman Stein

08/08/12 10:49 PM #10    


Rochelle Lebovitz (Parker)

Congratulations to the reunion committee on a job well done.  I had a wonderful time getting to see so many classmates.  Thanks !

Rochelle Lebovitz Parker

08/11/12 08:49 PM #11    


Madi Silverman

Just wanted to thank the reunion committee for all your hard work. I hope everyone had a great time..sure seemed like it ! :)   We did! 

Madi and Dale

08/12/12 02:12 AM #12    


Adria Leon (Wilson)

Congratulations to the Reunion committee on a job well done. I had a great time during the weekend seeing everyone. Looking forward to the next time that we all can get together again.

08/13/12 09:07 PM #13    

David Chase

Well it's been over a week and the more I see the photos the more I wish I could have been there. To the committee what a job and from the smiles what a time. Hope we don't wait another ten years maybe five and there will be no way I miss it

08/14/12 01:47 PM #14    


Lauren Lazar (Stern)

Who did you see at the reunion who changed the most?  Another question to continue the conversation...

08/18/12 06:59 PM #15    


Lauren Lazar (Stern)

Hi Everyone-  Just read this article and thought it was interesting! About High School Reunions, specifically a 40th!  Was published in AARP, but couldn't gain access to the url there!   Here it is in essay form!  Happy reading!


10/20/18 02:01 PM #16    

Lenny Simon

So sorry to hear the passing of Mark Jacobson. He was a very nice person and good friend when we were at Allderdice.Unfortunately we lost touch with each other after high school and often thought about him.He will be missed!

10/20/18 10:24 PM #17    

Allan Ripp

Really sad to see this notice on Mark Jacobson's passing.  He was the original Marky Mark! I first met Mark at Baldoc Hills Country Club - he was showing off on the diving board and was as proud of his perfect bangs as he was of his diving skills. Mark introduced me to my first Black Cow soda - and also to Eddie Solomon. For a long time I was intimidated by his fast-crowd "Mr. Make-Out" popularity, until one night at a party in 7th or 8th grade (at Jane Curran's house!) and said that someone told him that I was a good cut-up artist. And he asked me to demonstrate my skills right there as various kids from Linden, Wightman and Sterrett schools walked past. I evidently passed the test and from then on Mark was always friendly and welcoming. He was the coolest of our crowd and I'm sorry I did not actually get to know him better - it would be great to share a Black Cow with him now. I remember Mark looked great in his green Allderdice jacket. Farewell, Marky Mark J.....Allan Ripp


09/08/22 09:50 AM #18    


Jack Klein

Good morning...

I just finished  looking at the pictures taken by Neil Richman, Thank you! The pictures were beautiful. To see all the faces, to recall the memories, pricless. Can we do it again? I hope so. 

Thanks for the memories,

Jack Klein


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